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General Information
The DMASS DSM95 series motors was designed asan advanced and homogenous range of high performance servo actuators. The motors are permanetmagnet three-phase synchronous motors for the apllications with high demands to dynamics and positioning accuracy at small construction volume points/rev. So even the motor under lowest speed can & low weight, and can reach the highest torque/size and power/size ratios for all the applications.The various feedback devices: optical encoders, inductive encoders and multitum absoute encoders,all with serial EnDat interface and electronic nameplate,and can offer absoute resolution up to 8Mil.reach best motion uniformity.
Standard windings are available for various named speeds, and suite for supply voltage of: 220/240VAC and 380/460VCFeatures
high performence/price rate
easily mounting
high dynamics
compact dimensions
protection IP 65 as option

plastic machinery
machine tools
textile machinery
logistics machinery
press manufacture

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