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The DMASS DSD95 series drive was designed as compact size meeting the demands of modem manufacruring environments requirements_smaller and more flexible machninery.The compact design to help machine designers and system intergrators meet these challenges.DSD95 can reach your applications requiring high peak torque,dynamic respons,easy using and flexible integration features.
The DMASS DSD95 series drive technology meet the demands of percision controlling,in the same time,fomat changes or various cycles counts can be easily implemented during the production processand any irregularities can be compensated.
The DMASS drive technology of DSD95 can offer tailor-made design to reach the requirement of your applications thanks to the programming environment under IEC61131-3
In industry,particulary when there is a long continious operation time,the energy consumed is very large,and DMASS DSD95 can reach the most rigorous requirement for saving energy,bring benefit to the user.

plastic machinery 
machine tools 
textile machinery 
logistics machinery 
press manufacture 

Special features
high perfomence/price rate 
easily mounting 
compact dimensions
various connection

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