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DMASS Digital AC Servo Drive Systems of DMASERVO DSD9 3 with Safety System with Safety System and options for Communication Interface:
Interface( RS232/RS485 )
Direct Mains Connection to 1x230 VAC or 3×400/480 V Motors with High Power Density up to 80 Nm / 16 Kw DMASS drive packages consist of servo drives, with integrated EtherCAT/Ethernet,CANopen,Profibu-DP or without fieldbus interface and positioning control, and DMASS servo motors DSM93 with/without gear- boxes, completely with position sensors and, if re- quired, brakes. They are supplemented by software and accessories. All parts of the packages are match- ing and have been tested as combinations. This deliv- ery from a single source guarantees trouble-free com- missioning, reliable operation, and a definite system responsibility on the part of only one supplier.
Our services include an individual drive system con- figuration. With many years of experience, we will bepleased to assist you at choosing the appropriate servo drive system for yourapplication.

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